biQ Pricer contributes to the design and implementation of pricing strategy
with advanced price optimization technology.
Indispensable tool for increasing sales and profitability in your business.



Complex parameters for difficult decisions

The large number of commercial items, increasing competition, complex correlations, increasing sales channels and the constant changing of cost makes unbearable the workload associated with decision making for appropriate pricing. Adds furthermore tremendous pressure on retailers to monitor closely and to align their prices immediately and effectively using the appropriate strategy to confront competition. A difficult and complex management function that can easily get out of control.

A dynamic and safe solution

Ο biQ Pricer is an integrated management solution platform that will help you carry out this complex task with a set of standard procedures that incorporate the corporate decision-making mechanisms. The determination of the correct selling price becomes a simple task, although the result is derived by combining complex data, business rules and pricing science. To accomplish this it takes into account many factors such as market conditions, competitor actions, commercial margins, multiple cost price and consumers behavior.


Guides your strategic decisions

Having worked with some of the most innovative retailers, we designed the solution to handle the mapping and comparison of products with the challenges inherent in retailing, offering the knowledge if the pricing in your collection is optimal for your position in retail. The biQ Pricer leads both the strategic and tactical decisions for major retailers. With data associated with the retail market, you can quickly adjust strategies to achieve your goals.

Strengthens your position over competition

The biQ Pricer is a very simple and flexible application that works in real time, allowing finally with professional practices to take action quickly and intelligently. Equips retailers with the knowledge to shape a competitive and dynamic pricing to strengthen their position against their competition.

The future of retail is in the dynamics of selling prices.
Why shouldn't we get it right?


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