What is my cash availability?

Where is it?

How do I use it?

biQ Treasury gives answers to all questions of concern to the treasurer or the modern entrepreneur. Ensures safeguards for financial health of your business in an unpredictable global environment.




Your cash position

biQ Treasury materializes your desire to know at any time the cash position of your business. Offering different visual representations of financial data, one can becomes aware on time for where should actions be taken. BiQ Treasury tells you how to secure the necessary working capital for the continued funding of your business activities and the effective implementation of investment projects.

Risk management

biQ Treasury, due to the incorporation of real data and the reconciliation with budgeting forecast, proves to be a unique tool for the early detection of financial risks that can make your business very vulnerable in a volatile economic environment as today ..

Many activities - One picture

biQ Treasury fully meets the requirement for identification of your company's cash position regardless of the geographical dispersion of your business. The ability of including multiple companies coupled with the multilingual environment, guarantees the integration of all expected cash flows and ensures the correct presentation of the cash position either aggregate (at group level) or analytically (at company level) in any currency. .

Predicting the future

biQ Treasury is an integrated system for forecasting future cash flows and the impact thereof on the cash position of your business. biQ Treasury allows creating multiple scenarios of cash receipts and payments which can be easily integrated into your cash planning to immediately know the impact of the scenario on your company's financial position. The comparative and graphical display of real flows in relation to bugdeted flows leads the treasurer to an early detection of gaps, to plan immediate corrective actions and prepare more realistic budgets.

biQ Treasury guarantees the adequate and optimal treasury management
to maintain the profitability of your business


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