An integrated ERP application to manage the business and the automation of front office & back office functions. Integrates modules like CRM, BI, e-Commerce and POS with dynamic Workflow procedures and offers the functionality of one unified and single application. It provides a central database (DB) for all the information that is shared by the different aspects of the ERP, in order to smooth the flow of data across the organization.



Effectiveness and Productivity

biQ ERP enhances efficiency and productivity within the company, while fulfilling the ever growing and changing needs. Edits reliably ever rising data volumes, and is friendly to the end user.

Assistant from A to Z

"Resting" on all stages of the business processes results in a strategic tool for both policy makers and the modern business.

From production to After Sales

Addressed to companies from all sectors, covers the functions performed within a company, from sales to purchasing , from production to after-sales service. It is an innovative ERP with procedures on one hand and business applications on the other, that makes it the information and technological platform of your company.

Compatible and scalable

biQ ERP is expandable and compatible with other applications. BiQ platform works directly with web-based applications (Google Apps), with office applications that dominate the world market (M / S Office, Open Office) and social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter).

biQ ERP consists the most reliable "ally" of your business so you can achieve leadership and establishment,
in an increasingly competitive environment ..


Satisfied Customers