Financial Management

The profitability of a company is largely determined by its ability to effectively manage their financial resources. biQ can assist in this direction by providing all the tools that will make your business viable and profitable despite the challenges of the times.


biQ is designed to fully meet the needs of your business and to comply with the financial - fiscal requirements. Entries can be made either directly to the accounting module or automatically through transfer from the operations modules. To simplify everyday tasks, biQ provides a wide range of tools such as standard entries, automatic transfer of profit or loss accounts and mass creation of recurring accounting entries.

Cheque Management

Effective management of the payable and receivable cheques portfolio has beneficial effects on the cash flow of your business. With biQ you can watch the full cycle of a cheque and know where it is and what is the status at any time. biQ provides a detailed picture of your portfolio so you can directly schedule your future cash flows based on your company's operational needs.

Cost Centers

The bottom line of your business depends on the cost components of every activity or department. biQ provides the ability to create your own cost centers and deploy them to the level you want. This way you may know the contribution of each cost center in the profitability of your business. biQ offers smart tools that utilize the apportionment of expenditure based on algorithms and predefined rules to minimize errors and increase productivity.

Expense Budgets

The planning of your business objectives is based on a sound expenses budget. Any deviation from your budget requires corrective actions to restore your business on the path of growth and profitability. biQ offers the availability of detailed depiction of your expenses budget either at cost center level or at general ledger accounts level of any degree. Simultaneously, biQ provides numerous reports and tools to make possible the early detection of any deviation of the budgeted expenses from the actual expenses of your business that will enable you to make effective decisions.

Assets Management/span>

biQ supports the overall management of fixed assets since the FAR (fixed asset register) contains in detail all the information required and affect the operation of your business. Additionally, it includes functionality that allows transactions such as improvements, additions and adjustments on existing assets to provide accurate and detailed information to management. Performing automatically the required depreciation, under any method desired by the company, it enhances the reliability of the financial outcome.


Effective logistics management can contribute both in maximizing your company's financial results and to improving customer satisfaction. biQ has all the tools and procedures to ensure the availability of stock at a level that will satisfy customer orders and simultaneously not burden the company with excess stock.


Management can know the exact amount of stock at any time. biQ allows transactions of items either through the use of their respective barcodes or by manuall entry. An automated mechanism informs management for deficits or surpluses that are detected and determines what impact will these differences have on the evaluation of the total stock.

Composition - Decomposition

Easy management of composite items is a real challenge for the business. biQprovides the required procedures so that the company can implement the neccessary processes for a rapid creation of composite items. With biQ the company is able to know the exact cost of the composite items from the cost value of the consumed items so to determine with quite accuracy the gross profitability. Cost evaluation can be based on any method desired by the user.

Internal movement

The use of multiple storage locations requires quick and easy transactions of moving goods. biQ is designed in such a way that the management of internal movements can adapt to the needs of the company. Internal movements occur at various stages of the company's operation and can be required for sales, production or purchasing. This way the company can easily locate any item and inform the end customer reliably.

Χρώμα - Μέγεθος

To biQ επιτρέπει την διαχείριση των αποθεμάτων που παρακολουθούνται σε χρώμα – μέγεθος. Σε ένα ιδιαίτερα εργονομικό περιβάλλον, ο χρήστης με μεγάλη ευχέρεια καταχωρεί όλους τους δυνατούς συνδυασμούς χρωμάτων – μεγεθών που χαρακτηρίζουν το κάθε είδος με τα αντίστοιχα barcodes. Το biQ απευθύνεται σε επιχειρήσεις που δραστηριοποιούνται στο χώρο της ένδυσης και της υπόδησης και επιθυμούν να έχουν τον πλήρη έλεγχο των αποθεμάτων με ακρίβεια και ασφάλεια.

Serial Number - Παρτίδες

biQ ensures total management of items that are monitored at serial number or lot level. Effective monitoring of inventory with these characteristics is a prerequisite for the viability of your business. biQ applies fully the principles of traceability at all stages of the supply chain. In today's competitive environment, biQuses all those parameters that will optimize business processes and links inventory management with the financial health of your business.

Purchase Order Proposal

Optimum stock levels largely depends on forecasts of sales and timely delivery of goods. biQ uses a number of algorithms based on criteria such as supplier lead time , inventory, product reservations, expected receipts and estimation of sales in order to propose what items are to be ordered to the supplier. The participation of each criterion in the final purchase proposal may vary depending on the requirements of each company.

Sales Management

Achieving profit maximization for your business depends heavily on the volume of sales performed. What will differentiate your business is the way in which the goal of sales is achieved. The implementation of an efficient management model of sales is a real challenge for any business as it will reduce errors, omissions, failures and lead to the adoption of business processes that ensure the excellent cooperation of the parties involved.

Bid Management

biQ distinguishes the way it manages bids in order to turn them into future sales. Focusing on the uniqueness of each bid incorporates both qualitative and quantitative characteristics in order to accelerate the sales cycle. Offering the capability for complex pricing and discount policies, the company manages to take into account the specific characteristics of each customer in conjunction with the commercial policy it wishes to implement. biQ manages to keep a record of all bids at all stages in order to enable each user to refer to its history.

Order Management

Quick execution of orders and the level of completion will largely determine the successful operation of your business. biQ can promote orders to various stages implementing controls related to the adequacy of the inventory and the creditworthiness of the customer. This way the company manages to inform all parties involved of what stage is the order and limit its exposure to financial risks. The order can only be executed provided that all the conditions that will ensure the company that the path offer - order - sale - payment will be completed successfully.

Shipping - Invoicing

In biQ the process of invoicing and delivery of goods has ceased to be a complex and time consuming task. This is mainly due to the excellent design which is oriented to matching user actions to those of the system. The execution of orders can be done either collectively or one by one based on various criteria (eg ABC analysis, chronological priority etc.). Controls can be implemented to ensure proper operation of the system and the correct visualization of financial information. Moreover, simplifying the billing process creates all the conditions to reduce the time of receivables from customers.


The time lag between invoicing and receipts tends to grow exponentially. The operative cause of this problem, apart from the difficult economic environment, is the inability of the company to accurately determine the time when the demand must be satisfied. With biQ the company is able to correlate the proceeds with outstanding invoices manually or automatically based on FIFO, giving instant information to management for the average time for payment of customers and creating the necessary conditions for proper application of credit checks. In addition, the ergonomic design of the collections screen reduces the time of registration as it supports multiple payment methods (eg cash and check)

Purchasing Management

Purchasing is one of the major activities of the supply chain. Besides, one of the main problems of modern business is stock availability of goods to meet customer needs. biQ offers all the tools and procedures that helps your company to adapt promptly and directly to the rules of supply and demand.

Order Management

Efficient management of purchasing orders is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction and profitability of your business, as it allows to reduce operational costs and provides instant information. In biQ this is made possible by enabling monitoring of purchasing orders in multiple stages and their correlation with the respective sales orders. Furthermore, biQ allows the recording of agreements with suppliers to prevent the reception of orders with incorrect information that will affect the cost evaluation and the bottom line of the company.

Reception management

Reception of goods must be governed by procedures which will help to easily manage and avoid errors and omissions. biQ through the use of reception batch files and barcodes, ensures proper reception of items in the warehouse. In case of partial or incorrect reception the user is informed to make the necessary corrective actions. biQ has the flexibility to receive the respective item at any hierarchical logistics unit (pallet, box, package, piece).

Imports Cost Evaluation

Prompt and accurate evaluation of the stock will help improve your business results. biQ lets, through cost evaluation folders, manage your imports quickly and easily. Central administration of imports permits direct allocation of costs associated with them (premiums, bank charges, transportation, etc) on purchase invoices and automatically generate accounting entries. Apart from this, cost allocation can be done through various criteria to ensure rational costing of goods.


Supplier payment planning significantly helps your company determine its cash flow. This is achieved through the tools and reports, offered by biQ, which give a complete picture of the overdue obligations of your business. Moreover, the direct correlation of payments during registration with unpaid invoices leads to quickly identify delays and disorders associated with the smooth running of your business.

Production Management

The contemporary globalized environment, combined with the high degree of informed customers, has imposed on manufacturing companies to seek optimal methods and flexible solutions to provide quality products at low cost. biQ consolidates all production activities of the company and incorporates the relationships with suppliers so as to ensure the creation of a productive model that will successfully respond to the growing demands of customers.

Production Specifications

biQ allows the complete recording of the production specifications of finished or semi-finished products in order that the company has complete control over quantitative and qualitative level of goods it sells. The detailed breakdown of cost data for each product such as raw materials, direct and indirect costs provide guarantees for the proper management of stocks and maintain excellent relations with suppliers.

Production Orders

Production orders will determine the needs of the business in stock and will activate all business processes until the final sale. biQ offers the possibility to create production orders either from sales order (make to order) or directly by the user (make to stock). When using biQ, you have the possibility to approve production orders ahead of the execution process. In this way, achieve the smooth operation of the production process and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Production Vouchers

biQ undertakes the execution of approved production orders to produce the final product. biQ allows for multiple production phases and a detailed breakdown of everything paricipating (people and machines) to enable an accurate determination of the cost. Upon completion of the execution of the production orders, there have been automatically executed all consumption and production moves based on technical specifications set. biQ ensures that all subsystems affected by the production process have been informed in time to launch the next steps.

Production Cost Evaluation

Production cost evaluation is the most time-consuming and laborious procedure for a company. Proper production cost evaluation will determine the profitability and ensure the company's viability. biQ enables integration of cost accounting procedures to the system in order to integrate with the individual phases of the production process. The correlation of direct and indirect costs to production documentation and production phases, ensures the necessary conditions for an accurate determination of costs and simultaneously frees human resources for dealing with more qualitative operational activities.

biQ CRM  (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is an integral part of any modern business. In biQ ERP the CRM module is the basis on which all sales processes run by providing substantial assistance in maintaining and enhancing your customer base. It is a complete marketing tool and not just as a contact management system. With biQ CRM yoy have the ability to formulate your sales policy and monitor its status. You are also able to fully organize a marketing campaign via e-mail, SMS, letters, etc., setting your budget and evaluating results for your business. Information stored on existing customers (and potential customers) are analyzed and used to produce personalized information for sales, marketing and services.

Building lasting and successful relationships with a large customer base is the springboard for the profitability and longevity of your business.

Key features of CRM

  • Calendar management
  • Outlook integration
  • Sales lead and opportunity management
  • Forecasts
  • Accounts Management
  • Activities Management
  • Bid Management
  • Service
  • Document Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Notifications
  • Campaign Management
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Documents

Sales Forecasting & Reporting

Accurate and timely forecasts allow you to make your own assessment of the total sales perspective, ensuring in this way every possible Lead.

Ticket and Service Management

You are provided with all the modern tools for complete monitoring and recording every interaction with your clientele, regardless of how you contact them. Each new Ticket assigned is based on the policies you set. The provided integration with financial subsystems ensures that charges are made according to customer support contracts.

Enhanced Outlook Integration

Automatic synchronization of biQ CRM with email, calendars and your Outlook contacts.

Campaign Management

With biQ CRM easily organize and manage all your campaigns in conjunction with specialized marketing tools. Review the performance of each campaign, come in touch with your contacts and improve your productivity.

biQ e-Commerce

Absence of a company's internet environment is now considered equivalent to its absence from the market. The attractive and dynamic content for your corporate and product website are able to maintain and expand your clientele. However, the increase of your turnover undoubtedly is based on the Internet through electronic trading systems (e-Commerce) you have. But it is not easy for any business to have an e-commerce site. This is because the cooperation of the back-end solutions with an electronic shop requires strict presence of a specialist.

biQ eShop module is an advanced software platform specifically designed for the effective promotion of commercial products and services in an internet environment.


biQ e-Commerce module enables you to build a multilingual online store that is able to handle different payment methods and currencies including credit cards, PayPal Checkout, Google Checkout and offers with coupons and special prices. In conjuction with biQ platform gives you unlimited possibilities and helps to create new sales, improve customer service and maximize your company's profitability.

Increase your sales

Cover every need for business promotion, custom communication, and effective promotion of your products and services

biQ E-Commerce - Characteristics & Benefits

Advanced filters and criteria

Product comparison mechanism

Check the detailed characteristics of the products (product group, price, accessories, photos, presentation films) before viewing in eShop

Shopping basket

Μulti-store, Μulti-currency, Μulti-localization

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver an immediate increase in your clientele satisfaction level providing value added benefits and support.

Loyalty points that accrue from multiple orders using discounts and promotions.

With multiple payment options, including safe and fast payment based on bank cards

Constant access to the most desired products or services, based on the history and preferences of the current user, and complex information on orders and payment status

Direct printing of documents that atr of customer interest (orders, confirmations of payment). Protection of personal data and transactions executed.

Effective promotions management

Easily and effectively manage all your promotional activities while configuring personalized campaigns.

Adjusts the pages of advertisements, information and content portal.

Collect marketing data with the help of an unlimited number of inquiries can be be executed

Enables cross-selling and up-selling

biQ Pos (Point-of-Sale)

Supports all POS machines with Microsoft protocol. biQPos provides all the functionality you are called to execute from a POS software such as customer tracking, coupons, gift cards, gift certificates, multiple payment ways per transaction, down payments, returns, orders and much more. By using biQPos you offer to your executives all audit procedures required for closing the day and the information needed for each cash register separately. biQPos is easy to use and designed to process all your transactions at all sales locations and simultaneously communicate with the back-office in real time. Accelerates sales by supporting barcode scanners and touch screens, ending customer lines. Required for each cash register separately.

Easy to use

The sales staff will be able to begin processing transactions in minutes, intuitivelly through the use of touch screens that support access to frequently used functions. The shortcut keys and features such as the possibility of puting transactions on hold will help for faster customer service. Increase your average sales per customer by prompting cashiers to add new products to the customer that are relative to the products involved in the transaction.


Using Barcode and stock management

Create labels for your products with biQPos software and use a barcode scanner to record data at the time of sale. Using barcodes will help your employees to sell products quickly and accuratly in the quantity and at the correct price.


Gift Cards

Increase revenue and cash flow by offering gift cards to your customers based on their purchases. Gift Cards are a proven way to increase sales by re-visiting of your customers. 50% of customers using gift cards spend more money than they have on the gift card buying things they did not anticipate.


Gift Certificates

Make your store a great place for buying gifts for any celebration or event. Gift Certificates is another smart way to increase your revenue and improve service to your customers. You can print a voucher for an item, an item from a gift list or without an item. Specify the store policies by printing them at the bottom of the voucher each time you make a sale.


Credit Cards

Insert the credit card information to quickly collect payments and direct it yo the bank with the least cost for your business. The payment details are collected and recorded in biQPos eliminating errors and reducing the time needed by combining different systems.


Cash Register Management

Sales and Refunds are recorded in a single cash drawer and can easily be agreed at the end of a shift. Quickly compare the contents of the cash drawer's with the report generated by biQPos, identifying deviations (deficits / surpluses) in the cash balance.



Collect customer information at the time of sale, so they can be targeted for future promotions and advertising campaigns. Customers can reserve products giving advance payment or even buy on credit to pay later. The functionality of biQpos makes it easy to offer this service and provide you with the necessary control and administration  over  customers balance.


Price List and Promotions Management

Product prices are determined automatically when a product is scanned in a transaction. The payment details are collected and recorded in biQpos for eliminating errors and the time required for reconciling different systems. The price can also be changed based on your promotions or manually by staff with the appropriate security access.