Production and manufacturing companies do not leave the fate of their products on distribution channels. They build their own relationships with their customers and share their experiences with their dealers in order to improve the production and circulation of their goods.

With biQ, you can manage completly the resources of your business, increasing demand for your products with the introduction of customer-oriented processes, and increase the efficiency of the supply chain ..

With biQ, you can achieve:

  • Direct access to end consumers
  • Quicker response to demand
  • Improve profit margins and employee productivity/li>
  • Reduce the cost of goods sold (COGS) and operating expenses
  • Reduction of credit days (DSO)
With biQ, you are free to plan your action without restrictions. The innovative design combined with the possibility of setting procedures, helps to improve the profitability of your business. Enjoy full access of information from anywhere. While the advanced BI system provides valuable insight on  the existing status, the  risks and the  opportunities of your business you can  make the right decisions every time.

The selection of products and suppliers, inventory management, appropriate distribution channels, sales prices, orders, reliability and customer loyalty are just some of the issues on which a company has to decide every day when it deals  with  wholesale and distribution.

With biQ, you can achieve:

  • Increased sales and revenue per employee
  • Improve profit margins and productivity
  • Reduce operating expenses and cost of goods
  • Improve products turnover
  • Precise knowledge of the inventory and stock availability
  • Reduction of credit days (DSO)
  • Improve cooperation and monitoring of suppliers
With biQ, forget the problems encountered with conventional solutions. The integrated and functional environment, ensures effective administration of requests and the prompt planning of your activities. Your partners know their assignements and are immediately informed of their progress. Your customers enjoy high levels of service and ensure to spread the  news.

Regardless of the type of service and your company's size customer management, cost evaluation and accurate tracking of each service - project are key issues of success ..

With biQ, you can achieve:

  • Improvement of customer loyalty
  • Quicker response to demand
  • Increased recurring revenue
  • Eliminate nutral time of colleages
  • Offer innovative services
  • Increase service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Improve the volume and composition of your earnings
  • Faster payment times
Retail is in our DNA, so we know it in every detail. That is why biQ ERP has integrated all the functional environment that fits to the unique requirements of retailers. The retail sector faces a number of challenges to ensure the best customer service. Our approach can help improve supply chain efficiency, personnel, marketing, operations of the  store and your actions required to ensure the  competitiveness in the constantly evolving market of retail.

Increase profit margins and customer satisfaction through effective administration that meets your needs

With biQ, you can achieve:

  • Increased customer service speed and reduce errors
  • Flexibility with centralized management of outlets and e-commerce
  • Direct order processing with consistency on delivery promises
  • Increase sales with accurate stock replenishment and reduction of shortages
  • Efficient allocation of stocks based on store / demand
  • Reduction of stock  level and cost minimization
  • Maximize sales by royalty programs and promotions
  • Support retail analytics for better decisions at store and corporate level
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving your service

Let us show you how biQ ERP can optimize your success.