biQ platform is based on LOB philosophy (line-of-business) which means that it has been designed to satisfy all critical computer applications that are vital to running a business.

Transport to the evolution of IT

2015 is here, and if you have not at least begun to ruminate the Cloud as part of your overall IT strategy, probably your business has a significant cost disadvantage and effectiveness in relation to your competition.

The biQ Cloud technology combines the flexibility and the relation between cost and effectiveness, providing a high performance solution, with lower cost , greater scalability and ease of use, and according to the requirements of your company is perfectly incorporated in the its management system.


The Cloud is the only way for innovative companies

biQ applications except the typical architecture are delivered in the Cloud as web service, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), so all essential business information and functions are available anytime, anywhere. This solves many problems arising from the client / server architecture, where employees of a company must be physically present in the office to sign in and have updated information on the execution of their work. With biQ, the user's physical location is irrelevant.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

The advantages of the SaaS model are many such as reliability, speed, safety, convenience and portability of applications, the key phrase though on every SaaS installation is "cost reduction". biQ provides the opportunity to focus on your productive work, while leaving IT jobs to those who can do it better with the lowest cost.

Take control of your software within your company.

biQ applications other than the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model are delivered with the classic on-premise architecture for companies that want to install, manage and maintain their biQ installation in their own facilities using its own infrastructures.

The customer is responsible for the security, availability and global management of the on-premise installation of the software.

Think on-premise biQ solution if your business requires:

The application and data be kept stored internally in the company's infrastructure.

Excecutive Staff to take responsibility for the security, availability and global management of on-premise software.

To meet internal compliance rules governing the management and preservation of sensitive data.

Customers always have the flexibility to change the installation of biQ model from on-premise to Software-as-a-Service or vice versa.