biQ platform is based on LOB philosophy (line-of-business) which means that it has been designed to satisfy all critical computer applications that are vital to running a business.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4

The technology used for the development of biQproduct suite is Microsoft .NET Framework 4, a cutting-edge technology and with the features that are integrated as WPF, WCF, WF, ASP.NET guarantees your investment in the future.

Workflow Integration

Fully supportes Windows Workflow Foundation 4,0.WF for creating workflow. WPF is fully incorporated through a simple graphical interface and now simplifies the design and execution of a workflow, requiring users who know only general

Efficient Remote Access & Cloud ready

Optimize data exchange for remote access to the system with a fast, simple and affordable way to provide the application to all users anywhere, while maintaining all the features of the application regardless of the host platform. (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X clients, mobile clients Apple iOS Google Android, Web browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari). They are implemented either in the existing infrastructure of the enterprise (On Premise) or in the cloud as a Software as a Service.


Security System

Security is very important for any multi-user application, but also can be very complex to implement since it affects so many design decisions off an application. biQ is built from scratch, taking into account all the modern safety issues.

Middle Tier Service

Intermediate system to biQ architecture that prevents direct links database, so your data is much safer today.

The security system is no longer static as in competing technologies, which would cause an alignment of client infrastructure with the system, but instead biQ offers several distribution models depending on the requirements and existing customer infrastructures so as to align perfectly to the security strategy.

64 bit

We exploit the full potential of existing 32 bit systems, but also the modern 64 bit operating systems (Full 64-bit Support). Where there is the possibility of existing infrastructure (such as modern multicore servers) the platform exploits the multitasking and parallel processing at database level for even greater speed of execution of various tasks.

Windows 8 Ready

Fully adapted to the capabilities of new operating systems.

Customizable UI Model

All information provided to the user is formatted according to his needs. Respectively the user interface can be converted according to their needs. The user can design the application's screens, lists of records, create multiple data screens and views, add new fields, form and create new printouts etc.

Multilingual UI

Wording at all application levels are stored in multiple languages in order to cover companies with branches abroad or foreign employees.

Multiple DB support

Built-in support for MS Access and MS SQL Server databases and for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, PervasiveSQL, VistaDB, SQL Anywhere, Advantage, DB2, SQLite, and Sybase.