biQ platform is based on LOB philosophy (line-of-business) which means that it has been designed to satisfy all critical computer applications that are vital to running a business.


Reporting consists of aggregated data presentations formed in regulated information according to the requirements of your business. biQ offers you various ways to check, filter, sort and group your data with a view to taking appropriate decisions in real time. Your reports take the form of simple static images or highly interactive screens and data. You specify the format of exportable results in the form that suits you best.

biQReports is a tool with which you can create even the most complex reports with incredible ease. Creat numerous reports directly and simply.

Mail Merge

An easy way to connect data with a text in order to create mailing.


Pivot Chart

The Pivot Charts are designed to enable end users to create summary reports including analysis of large amounts of data quickly and easily. Features such as filtering, sorting, grouping, totals and subtotals offer multidimensional level control of all data in every detail.

Table and Multi-Column Reports

You can quickly add new tables in your reports and easily manage the rows and the columns. You also have the ability to print reports of your data in multiple columns.


Master-Detail Reports and Sub-Reports

Creating reports with complex hierarchical data is undoubtedly an integral part of your business processes. Now you can add detailed bands in your reports while they are supported by new analytical or aggregate reports.

Workflow Manager

biQFlow allows you to implement all your business workflows, defining your own rules and logic. In a friendly graphical interface you focus on the events that fit into specific workflows and automate them. Traditional applications need lengthy and endless work to automate business processes with all intermediate steps. With biQ you are able to add or modify automated business processes without interfering with the code, quickly and simply.

Workflow Activities

"biQFlow connects productively all predefined procedures and rules to specific tasks that your employees perform in your company. Accomplish a fully automated and improved enviroment of your daily business operations.


Ensure that all sectors of your business such as sales, purchasing, logistics, marketing, financial management and the company's human resources, work together in accordance with business rules and processes. Evolve your business in real time while improving the organization and its productivity.


With biQFlow apply a constant and strong control over all approval processes for sales, purchasing, expenses , etc. based on your corporate policy. This simplifies all procedures and at the same time you increase your effectiveness.


All customer receipts are now automated with particular emphasis on delayed payments. Apply functional personalized email reminders to end customers or to specialized collection personel with rules based on the credit policy of the company.


biQFlow automates the processing of your orders and eliminates any unnecessary actions. According to credit limit evaluation and their fullfilement set the «Status» of your orders. During the processing of orders it will automatically activate all notifications, warnings, and actions to follow.


With biQFlow maximize the results of the Marketing Department and all of your promotions. You have the ability to create targeted automatic emailing recipients based on their behavior, as well as on the basis of their profile.


All workflows require a specific path of inspections and monitoring. biQFlow records all trails of procedures so that you know at all times who and when approved a specific document or when an action was assigned to someone. Having access to all control information you have the ability to improve operations and upgrade your processes.

biQ BI (Business intelligent)

biQ BI undertakes the processing and analysing of your business data to visualize them in a systematic and comprehensive way. Corporate data is collected and analyzed in order to achieve comprehensive and multidimensional evaluation of your corporate status. biQ BI converts information into knowledge and consists the best "business" advisor into making operational and strategic decisions.

When you think about your strategic development you need to make better decisions faster based on data and smart options.

biQ effectively meets your need to take faster decisions in a business environment with ever increasing amounts of data. It provides all the modern tools so your information be captured in real time cleverly and practically, based on your needs. It includes a comprehensive portfolio of solutions with high performance data management, paving the way for value-added Business Analytics and Master Data Management

Pivot Grid

The module Pivot Grid allows you to efficiently analyze all of your data. Includes direct grouping and presentation of your information while offering complete freedom of design, with a variety of options to adjust the layout of each reference screen.


With biQ you will be informed with a glance on the effectiveness of your business, your sales and for everything that makes you be on target or not of your goals. Specially designed KPIs offer an excellent opportunity to increase efficiency and target to further development. They are contemporary and important tools that give you full control at all times.


biQ measures  the performance of your business and displays indicators that visually transform your overall results, as part of your efforts to achieve specific objectives. The scoreboard is based on a collection of key performance indicators (KPI), each of which represents an aspect of your organizational performance. Taken together provide a complete mapping (Snapshot) of your performance and your organization at any time.


The Dashboard contains score tables, analytical reports, as well as detailed charts in many variations. Provides real-time business information to all sections of your company, such as finance, sales and logistics. It is customizable for each employee separately and in whole allows you to maximize productivity in all sectors of your business.


biQ incorporates functionally a powerful business intelligence tool (optional), adding flexibility to your analysis. QlikView is the most versatile platform of Business Intelligence for the convertion of your data into real knowledge. More than 33,000 organizations around the world have enabled their users to search and easily analyze all their data and enjoy unprecedented levels of business insight.


biQ aims to directly meet your requirements by the quick delivery of highly customized applications that offer countless added value solutions . It incorporates a set of functional third-generation tools that effectively help maximize business performance.

User Interface

With biQ you focus on the real needs of your business, leaving aside any lengthy process. biQ automates processes depending on the operating model of the company. Includes a friendly and customizable UI tool, designed to provide convenience to all users and even to non-technical staff. Now everyone is able to modify and adapt the interface, based on their needs, enjoying complete flexibility (Screens, Browsers, Menu, Reporting, User's Browser, Forms).

Visual Studio Development Environment SDK

biQ can be adapted to the specific needs of the business and helps you make the most of your investment. It incorporates a powerful functional development tool (Development Kit, SDK) providing you and your colleagues unlimited ability to create extensions (Back-end) and new specialized applications (Custom Modules), to meet all your needs and the logic of your business.

Web Services (APIs)

All the APIs in the form of Web Service provide full access to all the data and the business logic of biQ. Imported data are validated by the system, at the same time exported data are delivered according to the level of application security policies.

Protect your investment

Any addition or modification of business logic or new specialized applications (Custom Modules), are incorporated and controlled independently from the standard application so that they can be turned on and off at will. All your information remains safe and unaffected by future changes and new versions.


Past, Present & Future

biQ platform has all the required technologies for the integration of the Cloud and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop) to its applications such as biQ ERP, biQ Treasury & biQ Pricer for the effective execution of their remote operation.

It offers all the functionality of its applications to executives, customers, partners, and employees from anywhere, anytime with the highest security level.

Access with Mobile Computing to corporate activities and information will be the major driving force in business processes and will radically change the way we work.

In terms of performance, there really are no limits or boundaries to address.

Today, SMEs by utilizing Mobile Computing, can increase their competitiveness with more flexibility and more freedom for market expansion, saving time and money.

Productivity will increase as never before, the company's activity is not limited by time and place, as Mobile Computing is the main factor which ensures that users are not tied or nailed to a single physical location, but are able to work effectively from anywhere.